How is caramel cheese made?

TINE® Brunost™ is made by only using Norwegian sweet whey, milk and cream.

During production, the first step is to separate the curd used to make traditional white cheese and save the whey.

Then, the whey is heated and added to the creamy raw milk.

The next step is to mix and heat the above raw materials to break down and caramelize the natural milk sugars. At this time, the warm semi-finished product has roughly the texture of caramel, and the taste is sweeter and richer than other cheeses. The longer the heating time, the darker the color of the cheese will be.

Next, the semi-finished caramel cheese is cooled in batches to crystallize the natural milk sugar. This process must be carried out under strict supervision to ensure that the sugar crystallization is not too fast, affecting its smooth consistency.

Once cooled and wrapped the caramel cheese is ready to be enjoyed, with no need for further maturation.


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