Our story

TINE is Norway's largest dairy company - producer of branded and high-quality dairy products since 1856.

In one of the world’s most northern places, located near the Arctic Circle, you will find the wild Norwegian landscape. In this incredible nature and cold climate, farmers and their Norwegian Red cows, specially bred for their resilience, have been making uniquely pure dairy products for over 150 years.

TINE is a cooperative owned by almost 10.000 Norwegian dairy farmers. We offer a wide range of dairy products from farm to table, with modern quality assurance and control.

Our premium range of milk, cheese, and yoghurts are 100% made in and sourced from Norway.

The company origin dates back to 1856, when the first cooperative was established. Today TINE is a modern dairy company with world class production facilities in all dairy categories. TINE® is also one of Norway's most prestigious brands, covering all dairy product categories domestically. 

How can a Norwegian dairy company produce the cleanest/safest milk in the world?

1) Norway has one of the world’s cleanest water, air and soil

2) The health of each animal is recorded in the “Cow-control” since 1975

3) Norway is the country in the world with the lowest occurrence of serious infectious diseases in its livestock

4) TINE cows have the lowest use of antibiotics in dairy cows for disease treatment in the world

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