About TINE® Brunost™

TINE® Brunost™ from Norway is unlike any other cheese. 

TINE® Brunost™ has a natural unique caramel taste, smooth and creamy consistency, and a perfect balance of sweet and salty. It pairs well with other foods and inspires to play around with new combinations to create exciting dishes. Grate it over you croffle, pancakes, ice cream, dessert, pastry, coffee or just enjoy it as a snack.

TINE® Brunost™ is the original caramel cheese from Norway, dating back to 1863, in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. 

TINE® Brunost™ Original is made with a mixture of elite goat's milk and cow's milk. TINE® Brunost™ Mild has a milder taste and is made with elite cow's milk. 

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