Soft cookies with TINE® Brunost™

Try these soft cookies filled with a runny sauce of chocolate and Brunost™.
Difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: 60 min
Cooking time: 12 min
Product in the recipe
TINE® Brunost™ Original block Read more
  • 12 Servings

    Part 1:

  • 200 g Double cream
  • 130 g Dark chocolate (min. 51% cocoa)
  • 250 g TINE® Brunost™, cubes

    Part 2

  • 200 g Butter
  • 170 g Sugar
  • 170 g Brown sugar
  • 180 g Eggs
  • 28 g Baking soda
  • 250 g Wheat flour
Here is how you do it

Part 1:

Bring the cream to a boil. 

Pour the cream over the chocolate in 3 rounds. Emulsify using a hand mixer. 

Add TINE® Brunost™ cubes and make a smooth mix. Fill in form and freeze.

Part 2:

Whip butter, sugar and brown sugar white using a k-beater. Add one egg at a time.
Blend in flour.

Add a thin layer of cookie mass in the cake tin.
Add the frozen Brown Cheese/chocolate mix in the middle. Top with a new layer of cookie mass. 

Bake at 180° C for approx. 12 min depending on size and oven.

Cool down.

Keep in closed container.

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